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Public toilets with something to say

What do your toilets say about you?

For the November issue of Spokes the Editorial Committee is looking for striking pictures of... toilets.

Toilets tell many stories: of health, gender, sustainability, culture, architecture... Have you put in place specific interpretation, messages or design in your own venue's toilets? Or do you have a striking example in mind elsewhere? We are looking for high quality pictures or videos that will be assembled as a so-called "portfolio". Portfolios present series of case studies, new exhibitions, striking stats... any story better told in pictures than words - see an example here.

Please fill in this very simple form with your story's basics by 20 October 2019. The Editorial Committee will be selecting case studies to reach an overall thematic, geographic and aesthetic balance.

If you have any question or remark, please get in touch with Editorial Committee member Julie Becker who is curating this portfolio.


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