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Postdoc in Physical Chemistry and Scientific Divulgation

The Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos (IQSC) of the University of São Paulo (USP) is offering a postdoctoral fellowship linked to the Thematic Project - FAPESP "Study and application of electrochemical technology for the analysis and degradation of endocrine interferents: materials, sensors, processes and scientific dissemination "coordinated by Prof. Dr. Marcos Lanza.

The project aims at the production of new materials with electrocatalytic activity and their application in electrochemical analysis sensors and in advanced effluent treatment processes. In addition to the publication of the scientific knowledge through scientific articles, the dissemination of results will also occur through scientific popularization. Through the production of didactical material to improve the teaching of physicochemistry in Basic Education and the realization of interactive expositions open to students and the general population, it is hoped to arouse interest in science, especially among school-age youth.


The candidate should be involved in the development of research on scientific dissemination and the teaching of physicochemistry in Basic Education (students aged between 10 and 18 years). In this sense, the fellow is expected to be able to delineate research questions and design data collection strategies that allow the development of scientific dissemination and chemical education activities, with publication of the results in national and international journals in the area of Chemical Education.

Must have immediate availability to reside in São Carlos / SP and have completed a doctorate for less than 7 years.

If selected, the candidate will have a FAPESP postdoctoral fellowship (www.fapesp.br/270) in the monthly amount of R $ 7,174.80 (approximately US $ 1,700.00 US dollars) for 24 months.

Apply by 15 October

Entries should be made through the email marcoslanza@usp.br to the supervisor, Prof. Dr. Marcos Lanza. The following documents must be attached to the e-mail:

  1. Curriculum Vitae containing the academic training and publications (maximum of 4 pages). Experience in the areas of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Education must be proven through publications in scientific journals.
  2. Letter of the candidate justifying the interest on the vacancy (maximum of 200 words).
  3. Work plan of four research proposals related to the topics of scientific dissemination and chemical education of this project containing objective, theoretical reference, data collection instruments and international periodical of interest for submission (maximum of 5 pages).


  • postdoc
  • physical chemistry
  • scientific divulgation
  • University of Sao Paulo