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PlayDecide is getting a new home - and we need your help

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Do you know the discussion game PlayDecide? It has been used by public engagement professionals to facilitate discussions on controversial topics for more than 10 years.

The PlayDecide website offers freely downloadable games on topics ranging from stem cell research to gender, as well as a tool to develop your own game. However it's starting to show its age! Ecsite is currently working on a brand new platform with the Infotude agency. We're keeping the core attributes of the game and building a simplified & user-friendly interface to create games, as well as a new live facilitation assistant for game masters.

Launch is expected this summer - help us shape the new platform! Fill in this quick survey to volunteer.

We are looking for users who are already familiar with PlayDecide. There are several ways to get involved:

  • Provide great pictures and videos of people playing the game (now)
  • Write a snappy quote about your own experience of using the game (now)
  • Test a beta version with audiences & provide feedback (expected time: end of April / May)
  • Translate new or revised instructions from English to other languages (June-July)
  • Help fine-tune the platform at the Ecsite Annual Conference (7-9 June, Geneva): it will be demonstrated in the GameLab and feature in the Games showcase.
  • In our wildest dreams... make a great promotional video for relaunch and even donate money to cover those "nice to have" features we can't quite afford on our tight budget.

We're counting on you!

A little history: The game was originally created as part of the EU-funded project Decide (2004-2007), coordinated by Ecsite. The game took inspiration from a card game called “Democs”, developed by the New Economics Foundation between 2001 and 2003. In 2009 Playdecide.eu as a platform was developed. This platform provided the users the means to create, adapt and translate decide kits. Its model was built on the requirements of the EU-funded project FUND (2009-2011) and extended to support Polka (2008-2012) with events & results.

Above: a little eye candy for now: the redesigned logo.


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