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Physics in the playground!

פיזיקה בגן השעשועים Physics in the Playground (עם כתוביות באנגלית)

'I would like to create a learning experience that will make my students feel that physics is everywhere.'

That was the starting point of the open schooling project Navit Houri, physics teacher at the IASA secondary school, developed with her class and with the support of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem and through the Make it Open project.

The students planned a physics experiment using the playground equipment nearby their school. The goal was to offer an enriched experience to the children and the families that come to play in this central living place. After exploring the issue and with the contribution of architects, landscapers, designers and science communicators, they decided to create scientific labels and short videos to transform the park into a scientific playground for everyone to enjoy.

This experiment will lead the path to others, transforming the way how schools are perceived by their communities. Through Make it open, schools will be transformed into actors of the community well-being, serving the community with the great educational and developmental resources they own and create. The project also aims to broaden the horizons and to encourage schools to use their communities for learning opportunities, boosting the students’ interest in learning science.

Check out the Make it Open website for more open-schooling resources and good practices.