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Official launch of KiiCS’ Art & Science incubation activities for Young Adults

On 31st May, KiiCS’ incubation activities for YOUNG ADULTS (14-17 years old) were officially launched in Derry-Londonderry, during the project’s second consortium meeting. These activities will run in parallel to incubation activities for ADULTS. From now up until July 2014, the 9 KiiCS partners – specialists in the fields of science, arts and multidisciplinary platforms – and 9 additional science museums across Europe will group in 6 Clusters to give young people the opportunity to elaborate creative ideas and learn about the application of art-science solutions in different fields, ranging from urban development (Urbanauts and Sea Cities Clusters) to the brain (Brain Cluster), sustainable fashion (Fashionable Cluster), social connections (B-Linked Cluster) and Do-It-Yourself life science (Bio KiiCS Cluster). Exchanges among young adults from different institutions, promoted by a Youth Advisory Board including members from ten different countries will ensure a truly European experience.

With the contribution of artists, scientists and creative professionals, each Cluster will organise laboratories, workshops, exhibitions and artists’ residencies, involving the local community of young people, education institutes and local businesses. Young people will, for instance, discover the phenomenon of sound through creative workshops and create unique musical instruments; they will learn about artificial intelligence through the use of new technologies (robotic, ICT, engineering) and the arts; or work with theatre, music, and painting to learn about how to best ways to communicate the beneficial effects of science and technologies on society.

The most innovative idea/creation will receive the European Youth KiiCS Award during the 2014 edition of the PICNIC festival – consisting of free exhibition spaces across Europe as well as of a visit to a creative company. “European citizens, especially young adults, have an enormous potential to innovate. KiiCS Young Adults Incubators will push teenagers to explore their own creativity, engage with science and start innovating. In our fast-evolving world, economies are being driven by new and unexpected ideas, so encouraging innovation among young people is not only desirable, it is a necessity for Europe’s future.” (C. Franche, Executive Director at ECSITE, KiiCS project leader). Follow us on www.kiics.eu, FB Group KiiCS and Twitter account @KiiCS_