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Official launch of KiiCS’ Art & Science incubation activities

The EU-project KiiCS’ incubation activities were officially launched on 28th September, in Naples: artists, creative people and scientists will work together on innovative ideas and help communicate science in new and creative ways. h3. Highlights

From September 2012 until June 2014, KiiCS partners – science and arts centres and multidisciplinary platforms – will develop 9 original and innovative incubation actions associating people from the science and creative sectors (from arts to design to new media) to come up with new ideas for products, services or creative work places in different fields:

What to expect from KiiCS

Each Incubator Partner will organise laboratories, workshops, exhibitions, artists’ residencies, etc. involving its local community of artists, scientists, education institutes or businesses. Creative solutions and intelligent technologies will, for instance, be tried out to aid the development of Smart Cities or, in other cases, new ways to co-create music apps will be explored. The best idea will receive the European KiiCS Award – a voucher of € 5,000 to be spent on business support services to implement the idea.

“KiiCS will demonstrate how crucial science and art centres are to Europe’s culture of innovation. As open-minded, accessible and publically engaging institutions, science and art centres are the perfect breeding grounds for the new ideas that will shape tomorrow’s Europe. Where else can scientists, artists, businesspeople and the public – particularly young people – collaborate so freely?” (C. Franche, Executive Director at Ecsite, KiiCS project leader).

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