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New perspectives for policymaking with co-creation

SISCODE MOOC First lesson

After having studied and experimented with the application of co-creation methodologies in policy design for the past two years, the SISCODE project will publish the learnings of this global analysis by converting them into a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This introductory course will explore the different aspects of co-creation, and highlight the concrete assets that active public engagement can bring to policy design. Especially tailored to those working in the field of policy-making, the programme will of course be open to everyone eager to discover this methodology and its implementation.

Launched at the beginning of 2021, the course will be composed of 5 chapters delivered in 5 weeks. Within each chapter, different experts in the field will walk participants through the specific aspects of the whole co-creation process cycle.

List of sessions:

  • Week 1: Why is policymaking in urgent need of innovation?
  • Week 2: How can user-centricity and co-creation improve policies?
  • Week 3: What is the (real) problem?
  • Week 4: How can we co-design solutions to our community’s problems?
  • Week 5: How can we implement solutions and make them sustainable over time?

Interested in learning more about the potential and benefits of using user-centred methodologies for policymaking?

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