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New permanent exhibition: Look, that’s the Earth / Patrz: Ziemia

Earth from cupola_NASA image. Courtesy Norman Kuring, Ocean Color Web

Permanent exhibition


Look, that’s the Earth / Patrz: Ziemia

Heavens of Copernicus
Warsaw, Poland


Looking at the Earth from the perspective of space makes astronauts feel that the Earth is very sensitive. It needs being cared by us. Going to the orbit also helps us to take responsibility of the planet and its inhabitants.

In the new permanent exhibition “Look, That’s the Earth” at the planetarium “Heavens of Copernicus”, the planetarium of the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, see how satellites help us to monitor the Earth and what can be observed from space.

The 3-floor exhibition includes 20 exhibits, a lot of photographs of the Earth from satellites, and a hanging scenery that may be interpreted as an asteroid belt or satellites orbiting Earth. Look at the Earth as if you were in the International Space Station thanks to a mock-up of the ISS Cupola (the Italian module from which it is possible to see the Earth).

The touch-screen computers present the analysis of the satellite data, types of satellites, GPS... Other highlights of the new exhibition include augmented reality exhibits, a hydrogen rocket, astronaut suit and meteorites. “Look, That’s the Earth” opens on November 5th.


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