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New features on the EU-Citizen.Science platform

New EU-Citizen.Science platform for collaboration in citizen Science

EU-Citizen.Science is delighted to announce the second release of its platform, with new features fostering collaboration between citizen science practitioners and enthusiasts.

Check out what is now available on our website

More than a simple makeover, several new functionalities have been developed to make your path into citizen science even easier:

  • On our brand new community forum, start or join a discussion on any topic related to citizen science, ask a question, join the debate on hot topics in the field, or join conference participants in the ‘back channel’. A conversation with any colleague is just one click away!
  • Find a new topic to explore or share your good references: Training resources are now available on our platform.
  • We understand that running a project is a group effort. We now offer the possibility to create an organisation profile. Start by creating your institutional profile, and then link it to your corresponding projects.
  • The implementation of an application programming interface (API) facilitates interoperability between different citizen science platforms, to share project and resource information. It has never been easier to share information between the different online citizen science networks.

The initial functions have been given a new design and an update in response to your feedback, but of course, our core mission hasn't changed: To allow you to share, find and follow citizen science projects, expand your expertise with a wide list of resources, and connect with other community members.

As we continue to develop future releases with additional features, please continue to share your feedback, suggestions, and experience with us.


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