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NANO2TRUST kicks off

Raquel da Cunha

Events and Communications Officer

Ecsite, Brussels

Consortium partners gather in Porto to kick start NANO2TRUST
Partners presented their visions and goals to drive NANO2TRUST to success

Fuelled by strong Portuguese coffee, representatives of the different partner organisations gathered in Porto to kick start a new EU-funded initiative – NANO2TRUST (N2T).

What are benefits and risks of advancing nanotechnology research in a responsible way?
What are the expectations and concerns of the different people involved in this field?
Could we gather this knowledge and design recommendations to shape future policies that will drive the advancement of responsible nanotechnology?

These are just some of the questions and goals of this ambitious project.

Led by Spi, a Portuguese consultancy organization that aims to support and promote innovation, N2T involves 12 partners, including Ecsite. At the kick-off meeting, we set to discuss and precise the objectives of this project and define “hot topics” and coming deadlines.

We will start by developing a platform for mutual learning and societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology. The layout is nearly finished and this online platform will be translated in more than ten different languages, constituting the starting point of many actions foreseen in the scope of the project.

We will then develop activities that address knowledge gaps between the various people interested in advancing responsible nanotechnology. These stakeholders include scientists, research funders, policy-makers, industries, the media and, of course, citizens. We are now compiling information from key finished or ongoing projects that have already approached the theme of responsible nanotechnology. N2T wants to stand on the shoulders of these successful initiatives by building on the previously generated knowledge while designing own innovative actions.

To identify a shared understanding of the benefits and risks of advancing responsible nanotechnology, we will organise constructive citizens-only and later national multi-stakeholder dialogues. The six Ecsite third-parties will host and promote these local initiatives that will feed the end-event at the EU level. The ultimate objective is to develop an innovation agenda to be used by policy-makers at national and EU level that is based on and starts from societal needs, values and purposes.

And finally, we will suggest evidence-based recommendations and develop a roadmap to enhance societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology.


The Douro valley was the perfect setting for this efficient meeting: the unexpected grey and rainy weather was beautifully balanced with comforting Porto wine and enthusiastic conversations.

One mutual feeling  was connecting us: a strong commitment to this project and the believe that NANO2TRUST will improve citizens’ awareness, increase public trust, lead to a better acceptability of nanotechnologies’ based products and solutions, and last, but not least, contribute to a more inclusive European society.

Stay tuned and get involved: our website is coming soon!


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