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Members mobilisation: big days for biodiversity

2017 Parco Natura Viva initiative, together with MUSE - Museo delle Scienze, Trento (Italy)

Science engagement organisations have a key role in raising awareness about environmental issues and engaging audiences for a more sustainable future.

Ecsite has recently started conversations with DG Environment at the European Commission and we found that a demonstration of our mobilisation powers and inspiring case studies will help us position the network as a strong partner for policymakers.

This is also where “Let It Grow” comes in. Let It Grow is a public engagement campaign organised by Ecsite, EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and BGCI (Botanical Gardens Conservation International) aiming to raise awareness of European biodiversity and to involve local residents in its protection. It’s an excellent way to join forces and really propel the way citizens think about their local species.

You can still get on board for its second and biggest year, together with the 180+ organisations already involved in helping ecosystems grow into their healthiest ‘self’.

20-22 May : Big days for biodiversity

On 21 May 2017, the European Commission's DG Environment will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the LIFE Programme and Natura 2000 during European Natura 2000 Day.

22 May is United Nations’ International Day for Biological Diversity, a chosen peak day for “Let It Grow”.

What can you do?

Participation can be as simple as setting aside a space to let life thrive “spontaneously” and letting passers-by know why. DIY projects such as building bird feeders can be a way in if your organisation is more familiar with making than natural sciences.

Need inspiration? There’s a solid pool of resources created as part of the campaign. The Let It Grow handbook will give you an excellent overview and the website is full of examples shared by the Let It Grow community.

It’s also absolutely fine to give the “Let It Grow” label to a local biodiversity event, programme or workshop you were already planning to run.

So if you haven’t join the campaign and tell us what you’re planning to do.
You can do it via this website and you’ll receive a password to access resources, plus a simple form to report on your activities.

And don’t forget to give the campaign’s Facebook page & Instagram a like.

Let us know

This is a great opportunity for Ecsite to get a clearer picture of member organisations engaging audiences with environmental topics. We are particularly interested in activities relating to upcoming priorities from DG Environment. That’s why we ask you to take this survey by 14 May (takes 5-20 minutes to fill in depending on how much content you can share).
Together our stories will have more impact.


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