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Meet the minds behind SISCODE

Krakow Technology Park

A view from the partners - Episode 2: Krakow Technology Park

SISCODE has approximately 17 partners across 13 EU countries. It is a wide and varied project with many partners having their own specific focus. It is a project that has a system of 10 city labs who are all practising co-creation in different settings to provide the project with a better understanding of the drivers and barriers of co-creation. There are also other partners focusing their attention more towards bridging the gap between co-creation and policymaking. It might be difficult to keep up, so we have decided to kick off a View from the Partners. A series where you get to meet the minds behind SISCODE. Every month we will publish an episode from this series on our social media channels - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - showcasing to you a partner from SISCODE asking them three simple questions:

1. Why are you involved in SISCODE?

2. What are you focusing on in SISCODE?

3. Why co-creation?

From this, we hope you will be able to better grasp what SISCODE is all about and discover the people behind this unique project.


  • co-creation
  • co-design
  • RRI