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Meet the host - Kersnikova Institute

What is Kersnikova Institute?

The Kersnikova Institute, a non-profit organization and art platform, which focuses on contemporary investigative art. For nearly three decades, it has been a leading European centre where artists collaborate with scientists and engineers to research and develop their work.

It is also a hub for creative minds in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Housed in a former printing factory near the city center, its industrial setting provides a unique backdrop for resident artists, producers, and educators. Here, they collaborate across disciplines in laboratories dedicated to mechatronics, bionics, and biotechnology. The institute's renowned Kapelica Gallery offers visitors a glimpse into the future with thought-provoking installations and daring artistic expressions.

What is art & science for you?

From our perspective, science acts as a compass, revealing the potential inventions that will shape our future world. Artists, with their inherent sensitivity, use this knowledge to anticipate the deeper meaning of these advancements for individuals and society.

What would you say is the difference between Kersnikova and a science centre?

Kersnikova is a home of contemporary investigative art where scientists are getting brain-food for their groundbreaking discoveries. Visitors of Kersnikova program doesn't meet scientific experiments like in science centres but they rather encounter it's elementary and phenomenal beauty in the poetical compositions of the artworks.

Why is what you do important?

Science and art can come together to create a more nuanced understanding of scientific discoveries. By going beyond their practical applications, artists can help us explore the deeper meaning and potential impact of these discoveries on society. This creative approach allows us to move beyond purely functional or profit-driven uses of science.

Why are you a member of Ecsite?

We became member of Ecsite in 2013 when we joined our forces with some science centres in EU project engaging young adults to employ their creativity for ethical, future ready innovations. Our way of creating things enabled youngsters to formulate their ideas, narratives and finaly products inspired wth their needs. Since then we often collaborate with sci centres, universities and researchers in EU projects where ability to go beyond obvious is needed.

Why did you decide to host the Ecsite Conference?

Kersnikova Institute was motivated to host the Ecsite Conference to challenge the traditional perception of art and science. Within the Ecsite network, we've often encountered a view of art as simply embellishing scientific presentations or creating visuals. By hosting the conference, we aimed to showcase a more collaborative "art-sci" approach, where artists and scientists work together on complex themes that push the boundaries for both disciplines. This investigative and creative dialogue, we believe, is far more engaging and thought-provoking.

What makes the 2024 Ecsite Conference hosted by Kersnikova institute unique?

The 2024 Ecsite Conference hosted by Kersnikova Institute promises to be a groundbreaking event. For the first time in the conference's more than thirty-year history, an art institution will take the helm. This unique perspective will allow participants to experience science communication and engagement through the lens of artists.