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Mapping evolution-themed activities

EuroScitizen call for evolution-themed activities

EU-funded project EuroScitizen is surveying evolution-themed exhibitions and activities in non-formal education environments. Share yours until September by filling in this survey.

EuroScitizen is a so-called COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action. As a research network it aims to identify targeted strategies that will raise levels of scientific literacy in Europe using evolution as a model. The Action will leverage the strengths of diverse stakeholders (evolutionary biologists, education researchers, educators, museum professionals and the media) in order to generate and analyse approaches used to improve the public’s scientific literacy.

The project is conducting an exploratory survey to collect evolution-themed outreach activities performed in any non-formal education environment (museums, science centres, festivals, online, etc.). Activities on formal education setting can also be included.


  • evolution
  • outreach
  • exhibitions
  • COST actions