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Making #Ecsite2019 more sustainable

As host of the Ecsite Conference, Experimentarium is acting to limit the event’s environmental footprint. They have chosen to focus on the following initiatives:

  • Limit the use of paper for the programme: they will donate €3 to the Danish Red Cross per participant who chooses not to have a printed programme.
  • Limit food waste: their regular restaurant supplier will provide lunches and coffee breaks at the Conference. They are determined to fight waste and are selective with single use utensils. Together with the University of Copenhagen they have managed to reduce their food waste by 70% in 2017. Together they're are doing their best to avoid using disposable cutlery and plates and will instead be washing up after meals.
  • Limit the use of plastic and limit CO2 on transportation: for those attendees who have not brought their own refillable water bottle, there will be Danish tap water packaged in eco-friendly recyclable (and reusable!) cartons, transported the shortest possible distance.
  • Encourage the use of public transportation during the conference: Experimentarium is offering Ecsite Conference participants a discounted Travel Pass with unlimited transportation by train, bus and metro in the entire metropolitan area, including transportation to and from the airport, at a discounted price of DKK 36 (€ 5) per day.
  • Sort waste: waste is sorted into 12 different categories at Experimentarium and of course this will apply during the Conference as well.

And here's what you can do:

  • If you must travel by car or plane, you can arrange a CO2 emission offset payment;
  • Use your hotel’s eco-friendly services and switch off all lights and electronic devices when leaving your hotel room;
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: when eating out choose drinks served in glasses, food served on reusable dishes, and avoid products in disposable packaging;
  • Dispose of your waste by using the separate recycling bins in your hotel and at the conference venue;
  • Use public transport, walk or ride a bike;
  • Bring your own water bottle;
  • Limit your meat consumption if veggie options are being offered.

Get ready, and if you haven't done so, register online by 21 May (registration on site is possible but for a higher fee)


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