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Lies Wanted - GameLab's Ecsite day activity

Lies Wanted GameLab

Ecsite day, on 11 June, will provide a full day of sessions and activities for our network digitally on our Crowdcast platform. GameLab has a fun session planned on the topic of misinformation but they need your help to make the game even more of a success!

On the day, Ecsite experts will be trying to spot the fake news and you can help build their skills.

Everyone attending the session will be invited to play, and GameLab needs four teams to set up the game. All you need to do is find a great object and make up some stories about it.

  • Each team must have three players (you could be from one science centre or from a mix)
  • Choose an object with an obscure or interesting story (from your collection)
  • Have the object or a photograph of it to show during the game
  • Write three labels explaining the story of the object. One should be the real story, the other two should be plausible but false. You are trying to fool people into voting for the wrong story to build their sleuthing skills
  • In the game, you will each have one minute to introduce yourself and your organisation and give your descriptions of the object. The team which has the fewest people guessing the correct label will win!

If you’re ready to take the challenge and confuse the Ecsite experts, send an email to Kate Kneale.

See you very soon!


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