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Learn more about upcoming Synenergne activities in 2016

Synenergene is a four years long project funded by the European Commission. It addresses the present and future challenges related to the cooperation between Science and Society in the area of synthetic biology (synbio). Ecsite members involved in the project will be organising public engagement activities in the upcoming year.

On 18-20 February 2016, AHHAA Science Centre (Tartu, Estonia) centre is organising a European student parliament on several synthetic biology related issues. Later this year in autumn 2016, a series of science cafes are planned to engage publics on various topics around synthetic biology.

From April to October 2016 Museu da Vida/Fiocruz Foundation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) will engage school students to produce videos about general concepts of synthetic biology in cooperation with science educators. The short films will document interviews and engagement with members of general public; the videos will be published on the youtube channel of the museum

On 24-25 June 2016, NEMO science centre (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) will host Synenergene Forum, a large and highly visible public event at the end of year 3 in which all the partners involved in Synenergene will have the chance to present and discuss their actions and experiences in a conference with workshops.

In September 2016, Copernicus Science Centre (Warsaw, Poland) as a part of the Researcher’s night will organise different synbio activities like genetically modified zoo or living library. The dates will be confirmed soon.

Furthermore, Pavillion of Knowledge (Lisbon, Portugal) will develop a physical kit dedicated to synbio. Information on the activities planned by La Caixa Foundation (Barcelona, Spain) and MUSE (Trento, Italy) will follow.

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More information about the project: www.synenergene.eu