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Join a Horizon 2020 proposal on Open Schooling

Ecsite is a partner in a proposal on the Horizon 2020 call "SwafS-15-2016: Open Schooling and collaboration on science education" and is looking for eight Ecsite members to join the proposal as Third Parties.

"CIRCLES - Championing Regional Communities and Learning Ecosystems in Science" aims to bring science centres, universities, fab labs, companies, libraries, science festivals, and local authorities in cities or regions together in sustainable STEM learning ecosystems, so called ‘Circles’ in science education. The proposal will be submitted in response to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 call for proposals, under the topic SwafS-15-2016: Open schooling and collaboration on science education. This project proposal is coordinated by Science LinX, University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Ecsite is a project partner and leads the working package Dissemination.

For more information on the proposal, tasks and budget and for details on how to apply, please download the document below.

Deadline to apply is 23:00 CET on 14 August 2016. Once selected, Third Parties must be able to provide a signed letter of intent before 19 August 2016.



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