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Job: Science Correspondent

The Economist, based in London (UK), is looking for a Science and Technology correspondent.

Applicants must show a knowledge of the field, an ability to write informatively, succinctly and wittily, and an insatiable curiosity. A prior journalistic experience is not necessarily required.

More information. Apply by 20 April.


"The Economist has been published since September 1843 to take part “in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress”. This mission continues to guide our coverage: we publish it every week in the newspaper.

Our readers expect us to keep them well informed about the world. So each week in print and each day online we provide a carefully selected global mix of stories. Our news priorities are reflected in the sections that we include in the paper every week: these are both geographical (Britain, Europe, the United States, the Americas, China, Asia, Middle East and Africa, International) and thematic (Business, Finance and economics, Science and technology, Books and arts). By systematically sifting news in these categories we aim to ensure that readers miss nothing important. In addition, through leaders, briefings and special reports we strive to identify ideas and trends that will shape global developments—and keep us and our readers engaged in the “severe contest”. This underpins all our editorial output, across digital outputs and sister publications.

Our stories offer a distinctive blend of news, based on facts, and analysis, incorporating The Economist’s perspective."


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