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Job: Project Scientist - Public Engagement with Science

Leiden University (The Netherlands) is recruiting in the Science Communication & Society department. The Project Scientist will support the implementation of a Horizon 2020 project in the field of science communication in the global context. Deadline 28 February.

Key responsibilities

The candidate will support the implementation of a Horizon 2020 project in the field of science communication in a global context. Namely the project will develop a more complete and fine-grained picture of global science communication; map that picture over time to identify shifts in priorities and incentives/disincentives in science communication. The candidate will be fully embedded within the Leiden University’s Department of Science Communication & Society. The main duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Develop open access resources to support global science communication.
  • Design an evidence-based module to help embed a global perspective in science communication academic and professional practice.
  • Monitoring the progress of the technical and scientific aspects of the projects, including budgets and quality assurance
  • Ensuring that the relevant documentation needed for monitoring the activities is collected from the partners,
  • Representing the projects occasionally at national, European and international conferences.
  • Developing collaborations and communication with partner institutions, science communication practitioners and researchers and policy-makers
  • Support the activities of the Department of Science Communication & Society of Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Selection criteria

  • A PhD or MSc degree in science, science communication or another related study;
  • Experience in Community management;
  • Experience with education, training and curriculum development;
  • Experience in public engagement research projects;
  • Knowledge of principles and models of public engagement with science;
  • Experience of working in international teams and with collaborative tools;
  • Complete fluency in English;
  • Proven skills in written, visual and verbal communications;
  • Proven management skills.

Additional desirable competencies and qualifications include:

  • Fluency in one of the official EU and UN languages;
  • Knowledgeable of digital technologies and open science frameworks.

For more information on Leiden University and the job role, please visit the website.


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