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Job: Professor in Science Communication & Outreach

The Faculty of Science at KU Leuven, Belgium are looking to hire a part-time (10%) Professor in Science Communication & Outreach.

With this part-time professorship, the university aims to stimulate research-based education in science communication & outreach for the MSc and PhD students of the faculty. They are searching for motivated candidates who have the opportunity to take up this position while present in Leuven throughout the academic year.


  • You hold a PhD in Science or in Science Communication and have a strong research profile. The quality of your research is proven by publications in international journals. International experience is an important asset, particularly if it connects to Science Communication & Outreach activities and research abroad.
  • You have demonstrable qualities related to academic education. Teaching experience at university level is a major advantage.
  • You possess organisational skills and have a cooperative attitude. You also possess leadership capacities within a university context.
  • Proficiency in English is required.
  • The official language used at KU Leuven is Dutch. If you do not speak Dutch (or do not speak it well) at the start ofemployment, KU Leuven will provide language training to enable you to take part in meetings.
  • Before teaching courses in Dutch or English, you will be given the opportunity to learn Dutch, respectively English, to the required standard.

The salary details of the successful candidate will depend on their entrance rank (from Lecturer to Full Professor) and their years of experience, with a full-time-equivalent amount ranging from €50,000/year up to €100,000/year. The part-time 10% factor is to be applied to this base salary, and those amounts are before taxes.

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Cocolios & Prof. Dr. Conny Aerts, Members of the Search Committee, Faculty of Science, KU Leuven, or visit the full job vacancy on the KU Leuven website.


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