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Job: EUSPACE-AWE Research Associate

University College London is looking for a part-time Research Associate in science outreach evaluation. This Research Associate role is linked to the evaluation of a 3-year European project (Space Awareness) which is “using the inspiration of space to interest children and teenagers in science and technology, broaden their minds and stimulate European and global citizenship”. The successful applicant will be based in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at UCL (though there is some flexibility in actual location).

It is a part-time evaluation role (2 days per week) starting as soon as possible and lasting until 28 February 2018. Full details are at http://bit.ly/2eeJBHT

Apply by 18 November 2016

In response to some queries regarding the possibility of taking up the role and working remotely from overseas, the UCL HR (human resources) team gave some clarification regarding employing someone based internationally:

1. From next Thursday 24th November in order for UCL to sponsor international applicants they must earn £25000 per annum. As this position is 40% at grade 7 they fall below the minimum requirement for earnings so UCL will not be able to issue a certificate of sponsorship in this instance.

2. If working remotely (outside the UK) an international applicant doesn’t need to have a UK visa - HOWEVER, if they are ever required to come to the UK to do anything associated with work (attend meetings, conferences etc), this is not permissible. They are only allowed to come as a visitor and not to conduct any work.

3. Applicants must have a UK bank account in order to be paid.