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Job: CERN Communications & Outreach group looking for two doctoral students

CERN Education, Communications & Outreach group is looking for two doctoral students:

Doctoral student opportunity: Lowcost Experiments for the Classroom

In which the successful candidate will evaluate the demand for modern physics experiments among teachers, using the access of the group to alumni of CERN Teacher Programmes, drive the selection of a few feasible projects to create low-cost classroom hands-on experiments, develop them together with master students, and evaluate their usage. Results of these investigations and developments shall be published in open access journals to spread the ideas among teachers.

Doctoral student opportunity: Science communication

This project would explore research conducted in high-energy physics in two contexts: in Europe and Japan. What is the public role of high-energy research institutes in the 21st Century? How are high-energy physics laboratories responding to calls to embed the principles and practices of engagement within their cultures of research? What are high-energy physics laboratories’ responsibilities in relation to their researchers, and how research generated under their name relates to wider society? This PhD will compare how strategies and practices of communication and engagement inform scholarship in a European and Japanese context, and how the public view high-energy physics research.

Apply by 25 October 2016

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