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Invitation to a global celebration of Space

EU Space Awareness invites you to join World Space Week – the largest public space event on Earth – this autumn (4-10 October 2017)!

This year’s theme could not be timelier! With “Exploring New Worlds In Space”, the international organisers invite you to explore astrobiology missions, feats of engineering that have the potential to enable long-duration, deep space manned missions, and efforts of New Space actors that bring new visions to space exploration.

Take this opportunity to present space careers, try out the project’s peer-reviewed educational activities and inspire a new generation of Space Explorers!

Consult these helpful “How to” guide and event suggestions, head over to www.space-awareness.org/ for inspiration, and don’t forget to register your space-related event in the official World Space Week global calendar to join forces with thousands of space science educators across the world!