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International Directors Forum 2023

The 2023 International Directors Forum on Science Engagement hosted by Ecsite member Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre, will take place from 15-16 November.

The six regional science engagement networks of ASPAC, ASTC, Ecsite, NAMES, RedPOP and SAASTEC are collaborating with Heureka to produce a high-level Science Engagement meet up for the CEOs of member institutions.

"We are very proud to host this first of a kind International Directors Forum at Heureka which will stimulate discussion and the sharing of knowledge between senior leaders, with a balance between practical and strategic topics" said Mikko Myllykoski CEO of Heureka. "With a truly global audience, it is crucial that we understand all the expectations when we design the programme. For this reason, we have developed a questionnaire which we invite the networks members to complete via this link."

Up to 200 CEOs will gather in person for the 2-day Forum (15 & 16 November) to share practical knowledge and strategic insights on the future of the science engagement field with a focus on the issues of the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis, Misinformation and fostering Critical-thinking.

Different from previous international events, it will be a unique opportunity to network and build relationships in a small group of only 200 participants outside of a Director’s own regional network. And to join well-facilitated discussions with other directors, recognising their expertise in leading their institutions and providing a confidential platform to share this expertise, debate and exchange knowledge with one another.

The Forum aims to act as a catalyst for change, to put the importance of science engagement organisations work in their communities at the forefront of discussion both within the Forum and more broadly. And to create a legacy in the form of resources and tools to be shared among network members and to contribute to collective stories of impact and common visions for the future to be shared with government agencies, funders and private industry.

There will be an opportunity to stay for 17 November to follow a programme of local tours in the Helsinki region.

Information about the details of the programme will be available later in the year and registration opens in April 2023.