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Informal science learning in times of Covid-19

From Physical to digital: Informal science learning in times of Covid-19

In ordinary times, the physical space is paramount for science centres, science museums, zoos and botanic gardens. However, what happens when this physical space has to abruptly shut down?

A project from the University of Southampton (UK), aims to investigate the digital presence and digital engagement of such institutions under the forced lockdown conditions imposed by the Covid-19 crisis.

As a first stage the project would like to know what content these institutions offer their audiences and what role they fulfil through their digital presence, doing so by drawing an analogy between the physical and the digital presence (for example the homepage as an entrance lobby). The project is currently analysing institutions’ websites and social media in four different countries (UK, Israel, Austria, Italy) according to a specially developed coding scheme but they would be happy to hear from other potential partners who would be interested in joining the research.

Project lead: Dr. Ran Peleg
Southampton Education School
University of Southampton

For more information please contact r.peleg@soton.ac.uk or visit the homepage.


  • digital presence
  • university of southampton
  • informal science learning
  • covid-19