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Horizon Europe: Online consultation on Strategic planning is open

The European Commission has launched an online consultation on the Strategic Planning for the upcoming framework programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe.

Answer by 8 September.

The European Parliament and the Council, the co-legislators have provisionally agreed on the Horizon Europe legislative package in April 2019. Based on the agreement, a Strategic Plan will put forward the targeted impacts for the investment in research and innovation and the priorities for the first four years of implementation of Horizon Europe.

The Commission invites anyone with an interest in future EU research and innovation priorities to co-designing and help shaping the future research and innovation investment by responding to an online consultation.

The results of the consultation will help identify impacts, spark debate and new ideas. They will be discussed during a key event in this co-design process, the European Research and Innovation Days taking place in Brussels from 24 to 26 September 2019.

How to answer

The questionnaire takes approximately 20 min to respond, but it’s recommended to read the document "Orientation towards the first strategic plan implementing Horizon Europe" before answering to the consultation.

More information here.

Ecsite will answer to this consultation and encourages all members to do so. The more we are to answer, the more impact we will have.


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