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Help us record the European network of Citizen Science

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Be part of it!

Our EU-Citizen.Science project tries to explore existing networks of citizen science. With your help, we want to make the first comprehensive survey of the diverse players in the field of citizen science. Please participate in compiling existing actors and institutions and their networks and show that you are part of it. 

We need your help in understanding what the field of citizen science currently looks like: Who is part of the network of citizen science? Who has which connections? How is the network geographically spread? Are there dominant institutions or types of institutions? Are there dominant fields and disciplines?

Please fill out our EU-Citizen.Science Network Questionnaire

This survey serves to record the European network and its changes (growth and expansion etc.) over a period of three years. The survey will therefore be repeated every year until the project ends in 12/2021. The questionnaire itself consists of 8 short questions only. 

It does not request any personal data. We are collecting information at institutional level. We are looking for global resources – so the language or cultural context of your projects doesn’t matter.


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