Help Ecsite create a platform that would bring together everything related to nonformal learning

Ecsite is a partner in the SySTEM 2020 project. It's an EU-funded project coordinated by Science Gallery Dublin through which we are creating a digital collection that would connect informal/non-formal STE(A)M initiatives and resources in Europe. If the platform becomes successful and is welcomed by our community, we would like to keep it alive after the project needs. However, for us to achieve this it must reflect the needs (and desires) of our members.

We are therefore asking all Ecsite members to dedicate 10 minutes to fill out this questionnaire by Friday 26 October. We would like to encourage as many members as possible to spend the energy needed for this questionnaire as this platform has the potential of becoming ‘the-place-to-go’ for informal/non-formal STE(A)M learning in Europe and we want it to be useful to you.

Link to the questionnaire: