Have you considered gender inclusiveness in your Researchers' Night event?

European Researchers' Night 2017

Friday, 29 September its Researcher’s Night, a yearly pan-national event dedicated to science engagement. In more than 30 countries, events will showcase researchers’ contributions to society, and promote scientific careers to young people and their parents. This year, visitors to science centres and museums that are partners in the Hypatia project will experience activities focused on gender-inclusive ways of communicating STEM.

Aimed at teenagers, these innovative activities are inclusive to a broad spectrum of learners and allow for, or even encourage, a diversity of ways of ‘doing gender’ within science. The workshops, speed dating, card games, debate scenarios and plays empower teenagers and explore the range of skills that are needed for a great variety of STEM studies and careers open to them.

By bringing the activities to the Researcher’s nights, Hypatia’s science centres and museums demonstrate how to tackle gender outside targeted events, which facilitate a culture of gender inclusion to become pervasive .

The activities are available for download and can be freely used in Researchers Night events in different types of locations: science centres and museums, research institutions and schools.


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