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GlobalSCAPE launches its science communication trainings developed by Springer Nature

GlobalSCAPE is thrilled to announce the launch of a series of free interactive virtual workshops offering an extensive introduction to science communication delivered by Springer Nature, one of our partners.

The first series is aimed at researchers and academics interested in generating impact through effective science communication tools and techniques. The following series will be specially tailored to science communication professionals and will be announced soon. Some in-person events will also be organised around the world later in the year, stay tuned!


It is becoming increasingly important for academics to be able to clearly communicate their research to a broader audience, such as researchers in other disciplines, the public, policymakers, and even funding organisations. However, communicating complex findings in an understandable manner for non-specialists is challenging for many scientists.

The GlobalSCAPE virtual workshops have been developed to support researchers to develop science communication skills by providing practical strategies on how to achieve these goals. The first series is now completely booked, but stay tuned for the second announcement, coming very soon!


Practical information

Participation in these workshops is free for everyone. Places are limited to 250 participants. You are strongly encouraged to attend the whole series of three workshops. There are two strands of workshops offered, to accommodate participation from all over the world:

More information on the GlobalSCAPE Website: