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GlobalSCAPE at #Ecsite2022

Are you attending the Ecsite2022 conference, in Heilbronn?

Come by and say hi!

Some GlobalSCAPE actors will be taking part and convening a session on the final day of the conference:

Global perspectives: overcoming the barriers

Saturday 4 Jun 2022 - 12:00-13:15 - Session Room 2

This session will address current societal challenges including inequality, climate change and vaccines. It draws together science communicators from different parts of the world to recount their experiences in science communication, and share their perspectives on the common theme of obstacles in science communication. Panellists will bring their insight and experience to bear in opening up discussion from multiple perspectives, proposing paths through and around obstacles often encountered in science communication.

And GlobalSCAPE will be featured at the Ecsite Lounge, in the Business Bistro area, make sure you won't miss it!