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Get your site or collection onto a new heritage database

GENIUS LOCI is a EU co-funded project aiming to draw attention to the heritage of small-scale industrial enterprises, to (re)valuate their heritage significance and to increase understanding and appreciation by tourists and the general public.

The project is now developing a database of historic sites, museums and collections, traditional craft workshops and enterprises, and also of the intangible heritage linked to these (such as individuals or organisations who provide training or other sources of knowledge and skills associated with traditional industries, keeping traditions alive to be passed on to future generations).

The following sectors have been identified as priorities for the first phase of the project:

  • the traditional fermented drinks industry (beer, wine, cider,…) and the process of distilling strong spirits from these;
  • clay processing industries (bricks, tiles, roof tiles – but also refractory bricks, pottery, drainage pipes, majolica,…);
  • traditional textile crafts (weaving,..) and the production of traditional European textile fibres (e.g. flax, hemp)

If you would like to be included in the database, download a questionnaire (available in several languages) here.


  • databse
  • industrial heritage
  • small enterprises
  • genius loci