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Get involved in the Let It Grow campaign!

BioBlitzBcn 15-17 April 2016 participants, identifying species at the Montjuïc Hill and the adjacent Botanical Garden, in an event hosted by the Natural Sciences Museum in Barcelona

Now in its second year, “Let It Grow” is a public engagement campaign organised by Ecsite together with EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and BGCI (Botanical Gardens Conservation International). The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of local biodiversity and to involve local residents in its protection.

The three associations and their members are joining forces to really propel the way citizens think about native species and help ecosystems grow into their healthiest ‘self’. Get on board and join the 180+ organisations already involved!

What’s in it for Ecsite members?

Social responsibility: do your bit for local biodiversity. Whether you’re a science centre, a university or a natural history museum, you can do your bit to tackle one the 21st century’s’ biggest challenges: biodiversity preservation. Get your staff and audiences on board and help secure the future of Europe's native species

Advocacy: help Ecsite demonstrate impact. Ecsite has recently started conversations with DG Environment at the European Commission. We don’t know if and how this will result in opportunities for members, but one thing is sure: wide participation in this biodiversity campaign and inspiring case studies will help us position the network as a strong partner for policymakers.

Partnerships: start or strengthen local alliances. Getting involved in the Let It Grow campaign can be a way to connect with conservation and environment stakeholders in your area. Use this opportunity to meet local EAZA and BGCI members, but also to build links with your local authority, NGOs, citizen science groups...


Participation can be as simple as setting aside a space to let life thrive “spontaneously” and letting passers-by know why.
A whole spectrum of activities is possible: take audiences on a tour of your backyard, build insect homes with them, or run your own biodiversity measurement event.
It’s also absolutely fine to give the “Let It Grow” label to a local biodiversity event, programme or workshop you were already planning to run.
In any case, don’t re-invent the wheel! Start by opening the campain handbook that will give you an excellent overview of opportunities and available resources. Sign up on the campaign website and you’ll have access to shared resources (workshop plans, designs, graphic elements etc).


Let It Grow actions will be running throughout the year, with a peak around 22 May, which is International Day for Biological Diversity. We strongly encourage all Ecsite members to run activities around that date.


First step: join the campaign via its website. You’ll be receiving a password to access resources, support and a simple form to report on your activities.
You can also like the campaign’s Facebook page & Instagram.
It’s time to get involved and Let It Grow!



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