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Eyes on the Horizon - Update from Ecsite President - March 2024

I hope you are doing well as spring is coming closer. This month I would like to talk about two strong new initiatives taking place at Ecsite. The keywords are data and climate with, namely, the annual statistics survey and Ecsite’s participation in the EU Climate pact.

Firstly, Ecsite has decided to join forces with ASTC, the Association of Science and Technology Centers, to get a better view of our field. As science supporters, we trust in observation. For the first time, Ecsite will take part in ASTC’s annual statistics survey which looks at 9 core areas including facilities, programmes and attendance. All participating organisations will receive full access to all the results from both organisations, so I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to complete the survey. We’re convinced its results will help you advocate. Same for Ecsite: we’ll be smarter than ever with the most complete and accurate information.

Second, Ecsite has been selected as one of just 30 partners from 471 applicants in the European Climate Pact. The initiative, launched by the European Commission is part of the European Green Deal and aims to help the EU to meet its goal to become climate-neutral by 2050. We secured our position as partner based on the success of the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action last year to which so many of you generously contributed your time and experience. I am looking forward to updating you in the near future on what Ecsite’s participation in the Pact means for us all and the network. This is what I call super news!

Finally, I hope you have seen the call for Conference and Directors Forum hosts is open. A slight change to previous calls, this is an expression of interest so please take a look and see if you would like put your organisation in the spotlight. We need you!