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Eyes on the Horizon: News from the Ecsite President – December 2023

Dear Ecsite Member,

I trust this message finds you well.

We meet as members of Ecsite, once, maybe twice a year and I wanted to take this opportunity through the Ecsite Member newsletter to give you more regular updates of the activities that we, the Ecsite board, the Ecsite Team and I are doing to support and represent you and the field of science engagement.

International Directors Forum

I should start by mentioning the success of the International Directors Forum on Science engagement and a thank you to our host, Heureka CEO Mikko Myllykoski, Ecsite and the global sister science engagement networks for the meticulous planning and collaborative efforts which resulted in an array of insightful discussions and presentations. Attendees were treated to a rich tapestry of perspectives on Misinformation and the Planetary Emergency, challenges, and opportunities, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas. Networking sessions allowed participants to forge valuable global connections and strengthen professional relationships.

The six Network Directors will meet in early 2024 to discuss the shape of any future collaboration between our members and we’ll keep you updated.

New members

I would like to issue a warm welcome to our community to our new members MizarLabs Design & Sihr Global. I am looking forward to meeting you in 2024

Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action

The Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action that we began altogether in Amsterdam at NEMO Science centre in 2022 continues to develop: 70 members from 24 countries so far have signed the Pledge and 12 Insights live have been organised online to share best practices. We thank you for your support for this initiative and welcome anyone who has yet to sign to do so and show their commitment.


I wish you and your teams all the best for the end of 2023 and welcome you back in 2024 when I will have exciting updates on future developments for the Ecsite Conference, the EU Parliament Elections and a new initiative with Ukraine.

Best wishes,


Bruno Maquart

Chairman and Chief Executive / Universcience

President / Ecsite