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Experimenta - Our Forest of Tomorrow

As you know, Ecsite 2022 Conference participants donated almost €10,000 which was donated to a regional re-forestation project entitled ‘Unser Wald von morgen’ or ‘Our forest of tomorrow’.

With this money, almost 2,000 trees were planted in forests of the region surrounding Heilbronn, such as Bad Friedrichshall, Brackenheim, Eppingen, Löwenstein, Neckarwesthein and Neuenstadt, in order to promote biodiversity and help forests adapt to climate change.

We are pleased to share an update from the experimenta team.

Not only was this an environmental project, but also one that promoted community and education. Over 300 people including the experimenta team helped plant 1954 young oak, maple, chestnut and black walnut trees. The project also involved local school children who were able to learn more about the environment of their region, the challenges climate change poses on their community as well as giving a great opportunity for the children to get out into nature.

You can find some photos here of the experimenta team hard at work!

Thank you once again to our participants and to our 2022 Conference hosts - experimenta!