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Expect Everything at EUCYS and at Science it's wonder-ful

Summer has been a busy period for Hypatia partners. They have been finalising the first version of the toolkit activities. And that has not been all: science centres have been working to set up their national hubs where gender experts, industry, schools, and all the parties involved in the life of a teenager meet to find ways to make sure more young people, especially girls, choose scientific careers. Hypatia is giving teeangers the topportunity of deciding on these important issues, this is why they are part of the national hubs and they have their own editorial boards. They are in charge of producing the contents for our website, www.expecteverything.eu and our social media. As one of the teeangers of our Dutch Editorail board put it: Getting young people enthusiastic for STEM: It’s not as hard as adults think it is!

To have a sneak preview of some of hte activities that will be available in our toolkit (but not just for that of course) join us at EUCYS ( 15-20 September 2016 in Brussels). We'll be at the Commission's booth, you can easily find us. If you cannot make it there, you will have a second chance to meet us at Science is Wonder-ful European Researchers' Night at the Parlamentarium in Brussels. That will be on 28 September 2016. And of course, the best thing will be that you join any of our Science centres for the European Researchers' Night. This year it will take place on the 30th of September. Don't miss it, you can find out more by checking out our hubs websites.