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'Expect Everything' campaign to be launched on 21 April

Expect Everything

On 21 April 2016, Hypatia launched Expect Everything, a dissemination campaign targeted at teenagers and aimed at engaging and captivating the interest of teenage girls in STEM. It takes over and builds on the legacy of the European Commission’s “Science: it's a girl thing” campaign, addressing and inviting teenagers to Expect Everything! This slogan embodies the spirit of STEM and encourages teenagers to stand up and say “yes, I do expect everything in my life! Equally, everything is expected from me!”

The campaign engages teenagers through very active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Tumblr. The website expecteverything.eu, conceived to reach its audiences on mobile devices, invites users to get involved in events and activities taking place in the 14 countries, to discover surprising facts about science and to meet scientists and their professions. The website also showcases a selection of resources inherited from the “Science: it's a girl thing” campaign: Ask a Scientist, Dream Jobs and Videos with life stories.

Expect Everything, will “speak the language of teenagers”, without underestimating their curiosity and knowledge. It understands teenagers not only as targets, but also as partners and invites them, together with science students and science communication enthusiasts, to contribute as writers and editors to Expect Everything blog and social media accounts.

On the same date, the Hypatia Project launches hypatiaproject.eu, a website dedicated to teachers, head teachers, museums, industry sector and researchers that offers them tools and activities that will empower the different stakeholders to teach and communicate STEM subjects in a more gender inclusive way and to address gender unbalance in STEM professions. Further, the website will present key information about the project, ongoing events and milestones. Likewise, other dissemination tools such as social media accounts and newsletters will communicate events, project milestones, upcoming conferences, new findings related to gender and STEM and other related material.

Ecsite is in charge of the communication and dissemination activities of this 10 partners and 9 Third Parties consortium coordinated by Nemo Science Centre in the Netherlands. Overall, the project is expected to reach more than 50 000 teachers, and more than 250 000 teenagers will be participating in different ways. It fundamentally promotes a long lasting and needed cultural change.

For press queries, please contact the project Communications Officer: Carmen Fenollosa, at cfenollosa@ecsite.eu and tel. +32 2 649 7383