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EU Space Awareness Releases Space Career Booklet

EU Space Awareness -  Space Careers Booklet

Produced in the context of the EU Space Awareness project, the Space Careers booklet presents several exciting space-related careers with the aim of inspiring the next generation of space explorers.

This booklet provides information about a number of exciting space-related careers like astrochemist, project scientist, aerospace engineer, nutritionist, graphic designer, space lawyer, and of course astronaut!

The Space Career booklet can be used by Science Centres and Museums working with their young audiences in promoting STEM careers and space education, as well as by teachers and head teachers, career counsellors and parents. The accessible language and design also allow for students (starting from 7 years old) to get information on what space-related careers look like and what they would do on daily basis if they choose to follow a specific career path.


  • EU Space Awareness; Space; Education; Careers