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EU Commission video calls VOICES "pioneering project"

A focus group during the VOICES project

The Future of Europe is Science - longer version

'The Future of Europe is Science' video was recently released by the European Commission. Aimed at the general public, it outlines a vision for science and society in 2030. Ecsite-led citizen consultation VOICES is given as an example of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Public engagement is also mentioned as an important building block for the future.

EU-funded VOICES project allowed the first in-depth consultation of people living in every country of the European Union on the topic of urban waste, focusing in particular on the concept of ‘waste as a resource’ and the transition to a ‘zero waste society’. For the first time European citizens’ views on issues affecting their daily lives have been formally taken into account for future research and scientific developments – an example of the current shift of paradigm in EU science policy: RRI in action. Watch the video (VOICES comes up around time code 2'40'') and download the project's final report.


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