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Ernesto Páramo is the first Spaniard to win Eureka award

Ernesto Páramo

Ernesto Páramo, promoter of Ecsite member, Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, has won the Eureka Award for Education and the Dissemination of Science, awarded by Amcsti, an organisation made up of 200 French museums and universities and the French Ministries of Higher Education, Science and Culture. He is the first Spaniard to receive this award, which recognises people from the Mediterranean region for their work as ambassadors of scientific culture.

The awards, structured into four categories, are an initiative of the MED 21 Programme, which is led by France and in which other institutions such as the Library of Alexandria and the Cité des Sciences in Tunis also participate. This award aims to promote teaching, research and dissemination of science in the Mediterranean region and strengthen international cooperation in promoting scientific culture.

This recognition contributes to the international projection of Parque de las Ciencias and consolidates the institution as a reference point for the dissemination of science in southern Europe.


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