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ERC=Science² research returns to Lisbon

On 9-10 March, Pavilion of Knowledge organises its second ERC=Science² event on sensory experience this time, opening the Brain Awareness Week.

During this two-day event, ERC grantees Marta Moita and Eugenia Chiappe put the participants' senses to test.

On the first day, students were able to explore their sensory perceptions and to learn how to trick their brains. They also participated in an informal discussion about how the brain perceives the world with Marta Moita.

On the second day, the adult public was invited to participate in an immersive multisensory food experience, putting to test both emotions and memories on the occasion of a very special dinner menu. The dinner was hosted by Eugenia Chiappe, who discussed with the participants the different paths of sensory experience.

The ERC=Science² pop-up stand was also part of the event as it displayed the latest sensory research developed by ERC grantees.

For more information about this project and similar events, visit the ERC=Science² website.