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ERC=Science² : Artificial Intelligence will take over La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

ERC = Science2 stand

On 19-20 January Universcience is organising a series of workshops about the European Research Council funded research on Artifical Intelligence that will take place around their "Samedi Robots" permanent fixture for robotic lovers. Throughout the weekend's activities, the ERC=Science² stand will be installed on the ground floor of the La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris with workshops on robotics, so robot lovers but also museum visitors can learn about the frontier research carried out by the European Research Council researchers.  

The  highlights of the weekend will be 2 science cafe with ERC researchers Jean Baptiste Mouret and Jean Paul Laumond who will be exchanging with  museum visitors about  their ERC funded reserach.

Jean Baptiste Mouret's  research is about robots and how they can learn to autonomously recover from unforeseen damages knowing that their adaptive capacities are limited. This science cafe will take place on Saturday 19  January at 11. And on Sunday 20 January at teh same time, Jean Paul Laumond will share his challenging research that intends to use a new methodology, combining robotics and computational neuroscience, to investigate the anthropomorphic action in humans and robots. The findings of this research project could be crucial to improve the autonomy of humanoid robots used in rescue operations or in the service sectors .

But that is not all, Sunday 20 afternoon will bring to the museum A.I. burning issues: how can robots assist people with disabilities? What about education and robotics? And what is happening with the Internet of things and smarts objects? Fabien Ruggieri, Olivier Masson, and Charles Tijus from the Lutin Living Lab and Thomas Targot from Cognition Handicap will share their insights with participants. 

Starting at 14h on Saturday and over all of the weekend visitors will be invited to join workshops on robot manufacturing at the Carrefour Numerique of La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie and will be able to design their own robot skeleton using a 3D printer and add automation usint micro controlller cards. 


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