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Erasmus+ opportunities for organisations

Erasmus+: Strategic Partnerships

Calls for different key actions of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission are launched at different times (see overall calendar). Three have just been launched with a deadline on 4 October: Mobility of individuals in the field of youth; Strategic partnerships in the field of youth; Meeting between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth.

They are meant for a wide range of organisations including universities, education and training providers, think thanks, research groups, and private businesses. These prospects can be achieved through numerous initiatives:

  • By coordinating a youth mobility project. This aims to help support the professional development of youth workers, by providing activities such as seminars, training courses or observation periods abroad;
  • Endorsing activities that aim to bring young people and decision makers into discussion to help develop policies in the sector is also encouraged. This should be endorsed by national or transnational events and consultations between young people and decisions-makers, promoting participation in democratic life;
  • Or by starting Strategic Partnerships, for a wide variety of public, to strengthen cooperation and networking between establishments and promote diversity, innovative practices and active citizenship among young people. Strategic Partnerships can be of different sizes depending on the objective of the project and elements, like the organisations involved or the expected impact.

Find more information on the opportunities available on the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.


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