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Empowering citizens by education and direct action

"Our Ocean, Our Health" video, Sea Change project

Our Ocean Our Oxygen

Even though the Ocean has been instrumental in making life on Earth possible and fulfilling vital roles of oxygen generation, climate regulation, food production and more, we have not yet been able to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with it. The Sea Change project, an EU Horizon2020-funded project, is designed to drive home this essential link between the overall health of the Ocean and our own well-being and overall health.

Today, we launched a pan-European campaign titled our "Our Ocean, Our Health", which invites the citizens to take simple steps towards protecting our ocean and to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of ocean and human health. The campaing has a several pillars, one of which is a series of short videoclips, the first one of which has been released today. Our Ocean, Our Oxygen zooms in on the Ocean's role in oxygen generation. In addition, to the video series we invite you all to check the Take Action Checklist, which introduces small changes you can easily integrate in your daily lives, while being part of the solution by contributing to healthier ocean.

For more information, please find the attached press release.



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