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#Ecsite2023 - Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference workshops are a full-day deep dive into a particular topic led by experts. The full day programmes ensure in depth knowledge sharing and learning. In 2023 there are 6 workshops taking place throughout Esplora Interactive science centre, which will be closed to the public.


9:00 – 17:45

Pre-Conference Workshops

Our Space, Our Planet

For museums and science professionals interested in European space programmes and their achievements. Take a deep dive into the role space can play in supporting sustainability and addressing society’s daily challenges. Participants will be encouraged to go beyond their knowledge and expand their understanding of the Universe through current and future exploration missions. This workshop is organised by the ESA and the Ecsite Space Group.

Maria Menendez, Markus Kissler Patig, Sandra Benitez Herrera, Kai Noeske – ESA; Christophe Chaffardon - Cité de l'espace; Tobias Wolff - Universum Managementges; Miriam Atienza - Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències - Museu de les Ciències Príncep Felipe; Ana Noronha - Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva Science Centre

The DiverSci Fair: towards a fairer STEM sector

For professionals at any stage in their journey towards a more equitable, diverse and inclusive STEM sector. Build your confidence and be inspired. Experience new EDI tools, take part in peer discussions, share experiences and hear top solutions focussed tips.

Alexia Sonnois - Cap Sciences; Fiona Slater - Science Museum Group; Barbara Streicher - Science Center Netzwerk; Kathrin Kösters - Futurium; Meie van Laar - NEMO Science Museum; Jen DeWitt - IOE; David Jones - International Centre for Life

Design Process of Exhibits and Programmes with an Equity Lens

For exhibition and programme developers interested in incorporating an equity lens into their current and future exhibits and programmes. Understand the building blocks of inclusive design, work collaboratively to create an exhibition and/or a programme, experience the full equitable user journey, from ideation all the way through marketing and evaluation.

Amparo Leyman Pino - Yellow Cow Consulting; Annkatrin Meyer - Dialogue Social Enterprise; Eric Dimond – Exploratorium; Beth Hawkins - The Science Museum Group; Bronwyn O'Reilly - Natural History Museum London; Géraldine Delaforge – Universcience

Digital immersion in science centres and museums

For participants from different areas, whether they be curators, media developers, engineers, scientific communicators or business developers. Explore the opportunities and challenges of creating digital immersive experiences and realising the potential of new technologies. Learn how to enhance the educational, interactive and memorable nature of your digital experience.

Anne Prugnon - Universcience; Caroline Julien - Creo; Dave Patten - Science Museum Group; Stephane Berghmans - Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre; Audrey Korczynska - EPCC de diffusion de la CSTI Grenoble Alpes (La Casemate); Fabrice Jouvenot - CRI

Using observations to find evidence for interactive learning

Suitable for beginner to expert researchers and evaluators, discover how to use observations to study the learning which takes place when visitors physically interact with exhibits in this Ecsite REV (Research and Evaluation) group led workshop. Looking at both the theory and appropriate methods.

Siëlle Gramser - Leibniz Centre of Excellence for Museum Education; Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska - Copernicus Science Centre; Anne Land - Leiden University; Inga Specht - Leibniz Institut zur Analyse des Biodiversitätswandels; Nadine Herrmann – experimenta

Science organisations as Open Schooling initiators

The Make it Open project invites educators with experience in, or new to, Open Schooling, to learn, be inspired and reflect on the challenges and benefits of Open Schooling in informal science engagement organisations. Case clinics will be key to exploring existing issues faced by professionals when implementing new educational programmes and engaging with teachers learnt skills and tools that will help them navigate their open schooling journey. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.872106

Greta Alliaj - Ecsite; Sara Mira - Centro Ciencia Viva De Lagos; Tiffany Alnefelt - Tom Tits Experiment; Chagit Tishler, Omer Gaists, Maya Halevy - The Bloomfield Science Museum; Tamar Fuhrmann - TC Columbia University; Dee Halligan - Forth