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#Ecsite2021: meet the keynotes

#Ecsite2021 keynotes: Ewine van Dishoeck and John H. Falk

We are delighted to announce that Ewine van Dishoeck and John H. Falk will be joining us as keynote speakers for the Online Conference.

Ewine Van Dishoeck
Ewine is a professor of molecular astrophysics at Leiden University. The work of her group innovatively unites the world of chemistry with that of physics and astronomy to follow the trail of molecules from tenuous interstellar clouds to new planetary systems. Dr van Dishoeck has been heavily involved in planning major new telescopes and has been awarded many prizes, including the Kavli Prize for Astrophysics in 2018.

John H. Falk
John is the Director of the Institute for Learning Innovation and a leading expert on free-choice learning. Multiple award winner, Dr. Falk’s current research focuses on understanding the identity/self-related reasons people utilise free-choice learning settings during their leisure time; studying the community impacts of museums, libraries, zoos and aquariums and helping cultural institutions re-think their educational positioning in the 21st century.


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