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#Ecsite2017 - sustainability efforts

Here is a glimpse of how we are striving to reduce the ecological footprint of the conference.

[updated on 23 May]

Drinking water

Participants will notice a water bottle in their conference bag to be used and refilled at any time in the Business Bistro. Portugal has a solid water quality control system in place and Porto’s tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

At social events we’ll be serving bottled water out of 100% recyclable glass bottles.


All meals will include a large proportion of local seasonal products. At lunch time conference participants will find “zero kilometre” options whose main ingredients come from local producers from a maximum distance of 300 km. We will keep our animal product consumption low at lunch time in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Leftover food will be delivered to local charities.


To avoid excess use of paper participants have now the choice when registering online to opt for a printed programme or exclusively use their personalisable user-friendly digital version.

We won’t be using disposable cups or packages and we will ask conference delegates' kind cooperation in sorting waste.


Porto is a fairly small city with comfortable weather during the summer. Most of the Conference will take place in its historical centre, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. So, we will encourage participants to walk around as much as possible. They can also rent bikes and e-bikes at the Congress Centre.

Public transportation (metro and bus) is also a convenient way to get around.


Whenever possible, design, communication and merchandising used organic and recycled or recyclable materials. Innovative solutions were considered to reduce waste.


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2017 Ecsite Conference

This 28th edition brought 1,058 participants from 52 different countries to Porto, Portugal.  A warm thank you to our brilliant hosts: Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) and Ciência Viva - and of course to all the participants who make this conference so special!