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The Ecsite Workrooms return this autumn

The Ecsite Workrooms are back for the end of 2021, with two opportunities for in-depth learning. EU project RETHINK will hold an Idea-thon, while the second is aimed at two distinct groups of experts who will work together - early-career researchers in any discipline related to astronomy or space science, as well as science engagement professionals without an astronomy background.

The first Workroom of the autumn is organised as a part of the RETHINK project

This series of workshops is a mini idea-thon: an invitation to seize new conceptual tools and experiment with them, working in teams of five on practical science engagement cases.

The central concept of the Workroom will be following the sensemaking theory - which explores how people make sense of science and the world by bridging the gaps in their knowledge with previous experiences, expectations, emotions, values and interests.

Join us to explore how to use sensemaking to open new ways of interacting with your audiences and harvest ideas for engagement with new and underserved audiences.

Outcomes for participants

  • Reflect on your own science communication practice and experiment with new conceptual tools
  • Meet and work together with peers interested in novel science communication practices
  • Practice on real life science engagement case studies - with the option to submit your own!

Click here to find out more about the Idea-thon

This Workroom will consist of four sessions taking place on Tuesdays on 9, 16, 23 and 30 November (13:30-16:30 CET) - a blend of researchers' input with engaging activities and work on specific challenges in little groups.

Prices & eligibility

  • Space is limited to 40 participants
  • A maximum of two colleagues from any one institution can sign up to participate
  • This Workroom is free for all participants thanks to the RETHINK project
  • You are strongly encouraged to attend all of the sessions and plan up to 30-60 minutes of individual work weekly in order to really benefit from this Workroom

Register now for the Idea-thon - but be fast as there are only 14 places still available!

Sharing Space: creative collaboration for public engagement with cutting-edge astronomy

The second Workroom in our autumn series is co-organised with the International Astronomical Union (IAU), Trinity College Dublin and Leiden University, and funded by The Kavli Prize, supported by Leiden 2022: European City of Science.

These online workshops will combine content from guest speakers as well as guided interactive collaborative sessions, giving participants the opportunity to explore creative and inclusive approaches to public engagement with space science. The format will allow time for rich exchange between scientists and public engagement professionals.

Over the course of the four sessions, inspiration will be provided through a mix of formats. Keynote speakers will include Dr. Gaitee Hussain of the European Space Agency, Dr. Kelly Blumenthal (Leiden University / IAU), Professor Henk Hoekstra (Leiden University) and Professor Travis Rector (University of Alaska). Case studies will include installations developed through collaborations between artists and astronomers, as well as global examples of inclusive public communication of astronomy and Space science to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

You can find more about the 'Sharing Space' Workroom here

The Workroom will be held weekly on Wednesdays, over four sessions (15:00 - 17:00 CET) on 17 & 24 November and 1 & 15 December

Prices & eligibility

  • Space is limited to 50 participants - 25 participants representing the science engagement field and 25 representing astronomy and space science research
  • A maximum of two colleagues from any one institution can sign up to participate
  • This Workroom is free for all participants thanks to support of The Kavli Prize
  • You are strongly encouraged to attend all of the sessions to fully benefit from the Workroom experience

Register now for this Workroom

Not sure if anyone from your institution has already signed up for either of the Workrooms? Contact the Ecsite Office to check!


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